Aviation CyberSecurity – A unique threat profile
A SITA/Airbus newsletter featuring Gartner research

Barely a day goes by without a cyberattack in the headlines. Because of its interconnectivity and complexity, the air transport industry is an attractive target for cyber threat actors, and the potential repercussions of a successful attack on the operational safety, efficiency, and reputation of the industry are enormous. Premeditated cyberattacks can cause anything from delays and flight cancellations to global disruptions and ripples of economic and social turmoil.

And yet, while cybersecurity is at the top of the CIO agenda, only 35% of airlines and 30% of airports believe they are prepared to deal with cyber threats today.

In this timely SITA/Airbus newsletter featuring Gartner research, you can learn about:

•  The necessity of cybersecurity for the ATI and why airlines and airports face a perfect storm of security constraints and conflicts
•  The importance of a Security Operations Center (SOC) and the benefits of an industry-specific cybersecurity strategy and defense
•  SITA’s Aviation SOC, the first ATI-dedicated SOC, which provides a tailored solution that addresses the unique cybersecurity requirements of airlines and airports

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