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Enhancing flight with the Digital Day of Operations

The aviation industry is competitive and complex. But our mission is clear – to power the airline digital transformation that is key for optimized, new generation flight operations, every single day, and in every possible way.

From operations staff to pilots and cabin crew , our seamless Digital Day of Operations airline apps are built to better assist, accurately track and effectively communicate with people, places and processes – from take-off to inflight to landing.

With our suite of Digital Day of Operations capabilities, flight operation efficiencies are enhanced, on-time performance improved, and greater cost savings achieved.

The era of digital transformation has arrived, and the time for optimization is now.

Crew Tab


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CrewTab enhances cabin crew's pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight activities by digitizing paper and workflow processes. Through its easy-to-use tablet interface, CrewTab minimizes administrative work, and, by granting access to unique passenger profiles, enables cabin crews to deliver a more personalized service. With connectivity, CrewTab can also process up-to-date inventory and shopping data, as well as in-flight credit card or loyalty point transactions. CrewTab resolves issues by delivering greater airline efficiencies.

eWAS Flight Weather Source


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Our eWAS application, the EFB Weather Awareness Solution, provides a rich, graphical display of situational weather from best-in-class data providers. With its universal design, eWAS brings enhanced weather awareness to entire fleets, regardless of available connectivity links or aircraft types. By maximizing highly efficient compression data, eWAS can be effortlessly updated over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G on the ground, and via cabin or cockpit connectivity links in the air. Once deployed, pilots receive a real-time, graphically-optimized view of weather sources, with forecasts and current information on both horizontal and vertical planes. With eWAS onboard, you can develop a more economical, intelligent and flexible flight route plan.

Aircom Flight Tracker


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Passengers want to be assured of flight safety – it is a key consideration when choosing an airline. In November 2018, the ICAO'S 15-minute aircraft position tracking recommendation came into force, calling for a global, reliable and accurate tracking solution. AIRCOM® FlightTracker is a ground-based, easy to implement software system that guarantees regular flight position updates, without requiring modification to the aircraft. By gathering data from multiple, global sources and filling gaps between air navigation services provider tracking, AIRCOM® FlightTracker ensures accurate tracking for safer flight.

Aircom Flight Messenger


Achieving operational efficiency through consistent and simple processes can be a challenge, especially across mixed fleets with new generation aircraft. AIRCOM® FlightMessenger works with diverse airline applications, interfaces and ground systems to integrate and translate data into formats that seamlessly feed into airline IT infrastructures. It removes points of friction, enabling a common process to be adopted for intelligently distributing and presenting information. Air-to-ground data communication management is more efficient and effective as a result.


AIRCOM® FlightPlanner enables aircraft operators to calculate the most efficient flight plan. It integrates seamlessly into the airline operations environment, for use in scheduling, operations control, flight management, EFB systems and more. AIRCOM® FlightPlanner effectively and efficiently reduces fuel time and navigation costs. It provides configurable flight planning business rules and deep analysis of aircraft performance, weather data and route validation, while meeting air traffic management routing requirements.

New Generation Aviation Applications

NewGen Apps

Aviation is a disruptive industry. New generation aircraft bring new airline challenges – from meeting demand for always-on connectivity and greater flight efficiencies, to embracing state-of-the-art solutions. Our mission is to power innovative and evolving solutions that help airlines adapt and thrive in these ever-changing conditions. Stay tuned for new flight operations solutions coming your way.

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