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Improving customer service is a major business driver for the majority of the world’s airlines. Cabin crews spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee, making them the primary ingredient of a top-flight passenger experience.

Modern airlines are also constantly facing the challenge of improving operational efficiency in an evermore-challenging environment. With many airlines still operating with paper-based processes, the cabin presents a major opportunity for modernization and efficiency gains.

Airlines today face a number of challenges when it comes to delivering a truly modern passenger experience and enhancing operational efficiency. How to provide cabin crew with access to the up-to-date passenger information necessary for a personalized service? How to simplify cumbersome, paper-based admin tasks? How to improve the inflight shopping experience?

Introducing CrewTab, a tablet interface designed to enhance cabin crews’ pre-flight, inflight and post-flight activities by digitizing the paper-based process - enabling them to deliver a personal service using individual customer information.

Major airlines including Virgin Australia, Philippine Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas already use CrewTab to enhance passenger experience and deliver significant operational efficiencies.


Passenger Module
A live passenger count – complete with special service request information, from wheelchair to dietary requirements – is displayed in a searchable seat-map view with helpful filters.
Forms Module
Provides digitized and contextual forms, automatically pre-filling known fields from passenger and flight information. Completed forms are synched post-flight and distributed in various formats to required teams and systems.
Manuals Module
All documentation is automatically synched using date, class and distribution rules. Documentation is easy to find, thanks to a folder-based system, and read notifications are available.
Crew Module
This lets crew members know who they are working with on a specific flight, with thumbnails displaying language, additional qualifications and crew positions.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Provides in-depth customer information, allowing for the collection of additional data. New loyalty- scheme members can also be enrolled in-flight.

Passenger Compensation Module

Offers a consistent and repeatable workflow service to settle passenger compensation onboard. This includes a step-by-step process for crew to follow, from selection of incidents through to guidance on compensation-package delivery.

Enhanced Flight Report

A guided dashboard-based workflow enables crew members to enter quality data on any incident or required report – enforcing quality of data and aiding BI analysis.

Business Intelligence

Provides levels of crew report insight, including a management dashboard, a range of detailed metrics and dedicated analysis, all designed to help identify and handle any cabin service operational issues

Catering Module

Seamlessly records passenger meal and drink orders via the seat map, and syncs to the gallery manager’s CrewTab in real-time – promoting efficiency and providing real-time stock awareness.

*Onboard Retail

Enables cabin crew to process up-to-date inventory, shopping data and in-flight credit card or loyalty point transactions.

*Feature available soon!
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Personalized passenger service
Real-time feedback reporting

Increased passenger satisfaction
Improved retail experience
Digitization of paper-based workflow processes
Improved back-end processes for ground staff
Easy installation for quick implementation
Reduced back-office costs


Industry Thought Leadership

The SITA Group is a global leader in air-transport communications and information technology, with focused investment in solutions and services designed to boost operational efficiencies and reduce operation costs for customers.

Leveraging Existing Investments

SITAONAIR’s deep integration expertise means we are able to bring our trusted innovation to the market through our portfolio of connected-aircraft solutions. This proven expertise allows for the seamless integration of aircraft systems, ground systems and customer IT systems.

Worldwide footprint and 24/7 support

SITAONAIR’s global footprint, 24/7 support and dedicated customer-support representatives provide easy and effective issue resolution, combined with guaranteed network connections and secure cloud and datacenter infrastructure.

End-to-End Service

SITAONAIR’s breadth of expertise means that we can provide the single point of contact for an airline’s entire e-Enablement program. In addition to delivering, implementing and supporting e- Enablement solutions - including CrewTab software – SITAONAIR can provide communication systems, hardware and daily operational support.



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