Discover how SITAONAIR can help you unlock possibilities offered by global, real-time flight tracking

The airline industry is quickly moving towards the tracking of all flights, this is also in line with ICAO’s 15-minute tracking recommendation that came into force in November 2018. Though a wide variety of technologies exist to track aircraft, they are not consistently integrated.

What is the best solution?

Introducing AIRCOM® FlightTracker, your ground-based, easy to implement software system that guarantees to provide regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

AIRCOM® FlightTracker gathers data from multiple global sources and fills in gaps between air navigation services provider’s tracking, making accurate tracking and safer flights possible.

The addition of Space-based ADS-B introduces the capability for 100% global coverage. Not only does this exceed ICAO’s approaching deadline, it boosts operational efficiency and safety in an increasingly congested airspace – reducing unnecessary costs for airlines and maintaining passenger satisfaction.

ICAO’s flight tracking recommendation is now in force. Are you already prepared?

Discover how Felipe Starling, IT Manager Flight Ops Solution, Azul Linhas Aereas, outlines a 100% global, real-time aircraft flight tracking project:
Real-Time Flight Tracking at Azul Linhas Aéreas

(This article first appeared in Issue 35: the September/October 2018 edition of the Aircraft IT Operations eJournal)

Major airlines including Avianca Brasil, Azul, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Singapore Airlines, and Vistara are already using AIRCOM® FlightTracker because it provides the tracking they need and is simple to activate.

Implement AIRCOM® FlightTracker now.

In use on more than 350,000 flights every month, the trusted solution for many airlines across the globe.


Cross-referenced Position Data
Aggregates the best inflight position data, from multiple sources, into a singe aircraft position display that will efficiently maintain improved, accurate aircraft awareness.
ATC Data
Flight operations staff will be alerted if AIRCOM® FlightTracker detects a problem with one of the flights. Access to FANS communications helps ground staff confirm deviations that have been agreed between the crew and ATC.
High-resolution ADS-B Data
Position data frequency is typically higher when the aircraft is in the more dynamic stages of the flight allowing ground staff to see manoeuvres, such as holding, in real-time.
Automated Alerting
Creates an alert and starts an automatic sequence of actions should an aircraft fail to report its expected position, deviate from the flight plan or enter a defined geographic area.
Aircraft Agnostic
Uses available FAA real-time radar data, as well as radar and ATC data from other ANSP organizations around the world, to provide valuable additional aircraft position information.
Flight Route-Alerting
An industry-leading weather-alerting feature, helping aircraft avoid extreme weather, including aircraft-specific turbulence, icing and thunderstorm forecasts.


Built to meet ICAO GADSS flight tracking recommendations
Cost effective and easy to implement

Requires no modification to existing aircraft
Space-based ADS-B data provides a future-proof option
Efficient and user-friendly

Provides a reliable, consistent and accurate tracking source
Enables safer flights

Delivers enhanced weather forecasts


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